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"I really love sports. Its capacity to unify people from various backgrounds makes it a fascinating phenomenon in today's society. From being a spectator in the stands to a consumer purchasing the latest athletic apparel, to a participant in front office operations, I wanted to learn more about what makes it a giant success," says Fabeanne Collins as to why she chose to major in Sport Management.

Unity is also the reason Fabeanne chose to study at Florida State. "The way this university embraces diversity and different cultures speaks highly of its commitment to progress."

It has been Golden Key International Honour Society, however, that has enabled her to network with these diverse individuals. "From meeting campus officials to student leaders, Golden Key has given me opportunities to build meaningful relationships with those who have experience in areas in which I do not, and with individuals who offered a helping hand whenever I needed one." For the Society, Fabeanne has served as honorary member liaison and corresponding secretary. This semester, she serves as vice president.

Fabeanne cherishes the time she spent as a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) leader, for this experience sparked her interest in teaching at the college level. Yes, she had tutored students through America Reads and had served as a peer advisor through FSU's Advising First program, but, she says, "As I was teaching, I really noticed I had an interest in passing along my knowledge of Sport Management. Not only did I enjoy my students, but I enjoyed going through the weekly preparation—from planning class activities to grading homework, to researching additional information for my students. This was amazing—my students were able to learn from me, and I was able to learn from them. The connection opened my eyes to the joy that many professors experience each day."

One professor, Fabeanne says, who exhibits a passion for teaching is Davis Houck, associate professor of Communication. "He is an engaging and challenging professor who has extremely high expectations, but if you are up for the challenge, you will succeed. I am grateful for the impact he made on my life."

Dr. Houck's impact was so strong that Fabeanne has decided to work toward her master's in Media and Communication Studies here at Florida State. "Sport Management and Communication and Media Studies fit together due to the unique way society spotlights sport through the media. Sport is a reflection of society, which can be seen through the media's presentation of a certain athlete battling legal issues, steroid usage, or the protest of the Olympic torch. Using the education I receive from these two fields of study, I will research further the media coverage of sport and how it affects our perceptions of sport."

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