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Molly Brown photo

Molly Brown

Molly Brown's academic career and her extracurricular activities at Florida State have revolved around issues of human rights.

Susan Retherford Bulecza photo

Susan Retherford Bulecza

Susan is particularly concerned about emergency preparations for people with special needs, and that is her focus in her doctoral studies.

Danielle Drazin photo

Danielle Drazin

After she graduates with bachelor's degrees in criminology, political science and interdisciplinary social science, Dani intends to begin work on her master's in criminology.

Chelsea Enright photo

Chelsea Enright

After law school Chelsea hopes to help write legislation that would prevent innocent people from being wrongfully imprisoned.

Andrew Focks photo

Andrew Focks

Taking part in summer music festivals in Austria, Italy and China has afforded Andrew countless outstanding opportunities.

Hali Gardella photo

Hali Gardella

Hali Gardella wants to break away from the sort of 3D films we've seen so far to make something entirely new.

Daniel Gilford photo

Daniel Gilford

When Gilford, who describes himself as "driven, motivated, intense," needs to chill out, he likes to kick back with a few really complex math problems.

Al Heartley photo

Al Heartley

Al used his Atlantic Coast Conference Fellowship to help him bring a Tarell Alvin McCraney play to Florida State's Augusta Conradi Theatre.

Kelly McGinnity photo

Sergio Iñiguez

After earning his Ph.D., Sergio plans to do postdoctoral research in a university laboratory focused on mood-related disorders.

Min Jung Kim photo

Min Jung Kim

Min Jung's resolve to help people with communication disorders was fueled by her personal experience with traumatic brain injury.

Wonkak Kim photo

Wonkak Kim

In January, Won will be giving solo recitals in Paris and London before traveling to Ghent, Belgium, for another performance.

Kelly McGinnity photo

Kelly McGinnity

Kelly graduated from The Florida State University with two Bachelor's degrees — both summa cum laude — and did it in three years.

Megan O'Donnell photo

Megan O'Donnell

Megan co-founded Students Promoting Autism Awareness, for which she was named the 2009 Undergraduate Humanitarian of the Year for the College of Human Sciences.

Aimee Plauche photo

Aimee Plauche

Aimee Plauche's Honors thesis defense had a musical accompaniment. That's because she created a new work of choreography as her thesis.

Alana Resmini photo

Alana Resmini

Research became central to Alana Resmini's academic career at The Florida State University at the start of her sophomore year.

Cristina Russo photo

Cristina Russo

While the idea of moving so far from home gave her pause, Cristina knew studying at Florida State was an opportunity she could not pass up.

Alexander Segers photo

Alexander Segers

Alexander Segers is attempting to understand the significance of the pentaculum, or five-pointed star, often found on Etruscan artifacts.

Aimee Plauche photo

Ryan T. Shields

Ryan is sensitive to the importance of critical thinking to the field of criminology and tries to help his students develop that ability.

Erin Simmons photo

Erin Simmons

Erin, a graduate student and track-and-field athlete, has achieved finalist status in this year's rigorous Rhodes Scholarship competition.

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