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Student Profiles
2008 Archive
Joseph Auchter photo

Joseph Auchter

Joe's research on off-road, wheeled robots was well received at the 2007 International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics.

Kate Beckham photo

Kate Beckham

For her Honors in the Major project, Kate is mapping the locations of certain maize chromosomes.

Brandon Burrell photo

Brandon Burrell

Brandon has been selected by the Art History department to attend the 32nd International Congress of the History of Art in Melbourne, Australia.

Grace Chi photo

Grace Chi

Grace, who believes that Business serves as a cultural bridge to other countries, will soon graduate with two bachelor's degrees in the field.

Ebony Cobb photo

Ebony Cobb

As president of FSU's chapter of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, Ebony has worked to raise awareness of the benefits of a diverse workplace.

Fabeanne Collins photo

Fabeanne Collins

Fabeanne plans to research media coverage of sport and how it affects society's perceptions of sport.

Kiara Cromer photo

Kiara Cromer

Kiara has received two prestigious fellowships—from the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Nicholas Farber photo

Nicholas Farber

Nick recently completed his Honors Thesis, "The Effects of Nicotine Exposure in Adult Male Zebra Finches on the Expression of Heat Shock Protein."

Belinda Gavino photo

Belinda Gavino

Belinda's research hopes to dispel any safety concerns regarding use of nickel magnetonanovectors as a method for tissue-specific gene delivery.

David Heller photo

David Heller

David has been awarded "Outstanding Undergraduate for Chinese" for his academic excellence and his efforts to establish an academic major in Chinese.

Shirin Hooshmand photo

Shirin Hooshmand

Shirin's doctoral research focuses on the role of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compounds in plants as preventive treatment for osteoporosis.

J. Derek Kingsley photo

J. Derek Kingsley

Derek has been honored with the Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award for his investigations of the effects of resistance exercise training on women suffering with fibromyalgia.

Kate Molony photo

Kate Molony

For her Honors in the Major Thesis, Kate is researching the factors that inhibit the U.S. from addressing current human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Renee Murray photo

Renee Murray

While serving as FSU's Chemical Safety Officer, Renee has completed her master's in Public Administration and is graduating this spring with her doctorate in Science Education.

Ebony Cobb photo

Carly Nasehi

Carly has begun researching the demographic and religious dynamics of Germany's Turkish population for her Honors in the Major Thesis.

Taylor Perodeau photo

Taylor Perodeau

Taylor is an Honors student carrying a double major in French and International Affairs.

Allison Reiter photo

Allison Reiter

For her Honors in the Major Thesis, Allison is researching the olfactory bulb, where Alzheimer's plaques develop and the early stages of Parkinson's disease appear.

Eileen Reynolds photo

Eileen Reynolds

Eileen, winner of the College of Music's Presser Award, has been asked to play at the Crested Butte Summer Music Festival in July.

Kiara Cromer photo

Kayna Shipp

Kayna is trying to develop a system whereby biofuel is used to heat water, thereby saving electricity while also creating a natural fertilizer.

Annalee Shum photo

Annalee Shum

Annalee is conducting research for her Honors in the Major Thesis, "Comparative Mortuary Analysis of Copper Age Burials in the Great Hungarian Plain."

David Heller photo

Rebecca Stone

Rebecca has won the Goldwater Scholarship, the nation's premiere award for engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.