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Student Profiles
2007 Archive
Thelma Acquaah-Harrison photo

Thelma Acquaah-Harrison

More than 3 million Americans stutter, a communication disorder in which the flow of speech is broken by repetitions, prolongations, or abnormal stoppages of sounds.

Sivan Adato photo

Sivan Adato

Sivan, only a junior, is the principal French horn player in Florida State's University Philharmonia.

Joevania Alexandre photo

Joevania Alexandre

Joevania is the founding president of the Florida State chapter of Delta Epsilon Chi, an international business organization.

Kelle Barrick photo

Kelle Barrick

Kelle's dissertation will focus on whether being labeled as a "felon" increases the likelihood of recidivism.

Daniel Casale photo

Daniel Casale

Daniel is researching the issues that may arise at State educational institutions when it comes time to transition to the Internet's new address location system, Internet Protocol version 6.

Chris Cameron photo

Chris Cameron

Chris captures his visions of dance and body movement in diverse media, from drawing to videography.

Libby Curran photo

Libby Heflin Curran

Libby recently defended her Honors thesis entitled, "The Quest for Mood-dependent Memory Continues: Mood Congruence Facilitates Autobiographical Memory Recall."

Dana De Greff photo

Dana De Greff

As head editor for the Kudzu Review, FSU’s undergraduate literary journal, Dana is both humbled and inspired by the high quality of her peers’ work.

Eric de Vries photo

Eric de Vries

Eric is the 2007-2008 winner of the DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship, Germany's equivalent to the Fulbright award.

Nicole Emanuele photo

Nicole Emanuele

Nicole has been awarded the Film School's Humanitarian of the Year 2007 for her efforts on behalf of Hurricane Katrina victims.

Justin Esarey photo

Justin Esarey

Justin, a recipient of a University Fellowship, is focusing on two areas of study: the mathematical modeling of politics and bureaucratic politics.

Matthew Gailliot photo

Matthew Gailliot

Matt's work in Social Psychology focuses on how people lose self control when they're mentally drained.

Jessie Giglio photo

Jessie Giglio

Jessie is involved in Project Iliad (Independent Lexical Instruction and Development), an early intervention program of vocabulary instruction developed at FSU.

Kyle Gobrogge photo

Kyle Gobrogge

Kyle has been granted a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health to complete his dissertation project.

Tristan Gonzalez photo

Tristan Gonzalez-Sanz

Tristan is attempting to locate a specific protein—CaMKII—that may assist in establishing memory pathways by adding a phosphate to another support protein.

Kazuyo Hira photo

Kazuyo Hira

Kazuyo wants her artwork to function as a medium through which the colors and shapes work together naturally, in the Buddhist spirit, and touch the viewer's psyche on a primal level, both familiar and alien.

Shantanu Joshi photo

Shantanu Joshi

Shantanu researches statistical shape analysis, an area that has tremendous potential to benefit medical imagery, space exploration, and military target recognition.

Brad Karl photo

Brad Karl

Brad, an Honors student, serves as president of the Insurance Society at FSU, a student organization that helps Risk Management majors reach their career goals.

Benjamin Katz photo

Benjamin Katz

Benjamin is performing biological research to increase understanding of the causes of Polycystic Kidney Disease, one of the world's most common genetic disorders.

Caroline Kaufmann photo

Caroline Kaufmann

Her passion is centered on the experiences of individuals, understanding their world, and then analyzing how those experiences have impacted the people and events that followed.

Matt Miller photo

Matt Miller

Matt has discovered the common thread—caring for people—that exists in both Media Production and Nursing.

Stefani Norrbin photo

Stefani Norrbin

Stefani is researching the causes, whether environmental or genetic, and possible prevention of obesity, a growing health concern in our society.

Richard Peterson photo

Richard Peterson

Richard is working with scientists worldwide to examine coastal marine processes of Florida's Apalachicola Bay, Hawaii's Big Island, and China's Yellow River.

Matthew Phipps photo

Matthew Phipps

In March, Matt travels to Chile for a nine-month stint teaching and tutoring at a Chilean university and conducting research on the Andean musical genre, cueca.

John Poulton photo

John Poulton

John was honored with the 2006 Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award for his research on Dystroglycan, the gene that creates proper muscle function.

Natasha Rocas photo

Natasha Rocas

Natasha plans to provide to her students in Ankara, Turkey, a form of communication that crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Becki Rutta photo

Becki Rutta

Becki has received the University's Graduate Research and Creative Activity Award for her photographic art, which is layered with text and imagery.

Audrey Selph photo

Audrey Selph

Despite age, race, or background, music has the power to soothe, comfort, and inspire.

April Smith photo

April Smith

April has received the Presidential Fellowship, enabling her to complete her doctoral studies on the interface between anorexia nervosa and suicide.

Kelly Smith photo

Kelly Smith

Kelly is now teaching middle school in Philadelphia for Teach for America, an organization that seeks to eliminate inequality in education.

Amanda Stone photo

Amanda Stone

Researching women's rights through group discussions with women in Uganda, Amanda focused on household decision-making power, property ownership, and educational opportunities.

Brittney Theis photo

Brittney Theis

Brittney helped found the organization Noles for a Sustainable World to inform the University community about the importance of sustainability.

Nathan Timpano photo

Nathan Timpano

Winning both Germany's DAAD and America's Fulbright enables Nathan to research German and Austrian Expressionists for the next year in Munich and Vienna.

Randolph Turnbull photo

Randolph Turnbull

Randy has been awarded the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship, enabling him to complete his doctoral studies in 20th Century French and Francophone Literature.

Rebecca Wetherby photo

Rebecca Wetherby

Rebecca has just completed a two-year Research Experience for Undergraduates Fellowship, which is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Haohai Yu photo

Haohai Yu

Haohai is designing algorithms that will improve the computational speed and accuracy of Bayesian Networks, systems that generate decisions even when key pieces of information are missing.