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Student Profiles
2006 Archive
Rudolph Arceo photo

Rudolph Arceo

Understanding the dynamics of calcium in the pancreas's beta cells can give further information about its role, and what would hinder or help the cell to release insulin effectively.

Aziza Arifkhanova photo

Aziza Arifkhanova

An international student from Uzbekistan, Aziza enjoys learning languages and the different customs and cultures of nations.

Ross Brand photo

Ross Brand

He is taking an ethnomusicological approach in dealing with the multi-dimensional nature of avant-garde music by addressing each musician's personal approach to the Jewish identity through his or her music.

William Bredemeyer photo

William Bredemeyer

William plans further study on the prediction of disaster impacts on people and communities by improving evacuations, building codes, and preparedness.

Alice Brown photo

Alice Brown

Being able to communicate in another language enables you to relate to more people and to better understand their culture.

James Enos photo

James Enos

Zinc toxicity has been observed in the brains of stroke victims, which means calcium-permeable AMPA receptors are possible targets for medications designed to treat them.

Tom Gihring photo

Tom Gihring

He is providing information essential to the future management of the Apalachicola Bay ecosystem, as well as estuaries worldwide.

Kathryn Gordon photo

Kathryn Gordon

Her research suggests that clinicians are less likely to recognize an eating disorder in a Black girl than one who is Hispanic or White.

Laura Guidry-Grimes photo

Laura Guidry-Grimes

The philosophy of psychiatry analyzes the patient-doctor relationship in terms of autonomy, personhood, objectivity, and subjectivity; issues that impact the lives of millions of people.

Kaileen Herring photo

Kaileen Herring

Herring knows that experiential learning helps students connect their academic studies to real-life situations.

Millicent Johnnie photo

Millicent Johnnie

She has been researching the connections between indigenous Louisiana dance forms to that of Brazil and Cuba, through the Atlantic slave trade.

Ashley Kistler photo

Ashley Kistler

Working alongside market women in Guatemala and attending indigenous ceremonies, Ashley examined local notions of kinship, status, and prestige, and how these relate to women's roles.

Prasad Kulkarni photo

Prasad Kulkarni

With the increasing power of computers, compilers are becoming more complex in order to apply a variety of optimization techniques to improve the performance of programs.

Goran Mihajlovic photo

Goran Mihajlovic

He formulated and executed the measuring techniques to successfully bring his research to a point where the detection of biomolecules labeled with magnetic nanoparticles will soon be a reality.

Holly Monroe photo

Holly Monroe

The findings from her research with Dr. Amy Sang may offer headway in designing therapeutics that prevent the progression of ductal carcinoma in situ to full-fledged breast cancer.

Breyda Ortega photo

Breyda Ortega

Research may help in understanding the effects of magnets on humans and improve the quality of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which is used to scan brain activity.

Michelle Perry photo

Michelle Perry

By studying fluorine-21—a nucleus created in the burning of stars, the process that produces the lighter elements of our universe—we can test the Shell Model and better understand the processes of the stars.

Ivan Porter photo

Ivan Porter

Ivan Porter has been awarded the American Medical Association Foundation Scholars Award, which is bestowed upon only ten medical students in the country.

Tamera Scholz photo

Tamera Scholz

Current research on embryonic zebrafish may lead to the development of treatments, and possibly cures, for retinal degenerative diseases.

Reny Tyson photo

Reny Tyson

Since she began assisting Dr. Douglas Nowacek and his research team of Biological Oceanographers, Reny has identified and catalogued over 200 bottlenose dolphins.

Sonya Vialva photo

Sonya Vialva

Social Work and Creative Writing have a distinct commonality—as therapeutic agents, linking the individual with the collective human experience.

Elizabeth Wingfield photo

Elizabeth Wingfield

Elizabeth was given the opportunity to work at CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, on ISOLTRAP, the nuclear experiment in which precise mass measurements of short-lived nuclei are taken.