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Florida State University

FSU Emergency Message Center

The FSU Emergency Message Center is a web-based message system that allows members of the FSU community to check in and leave messages for their families and friends in the event of an emergency affecting the campus.

Members of the FSU community with valid FSUIDs can leave publicly viewable messages for friends and family as to their location and status. This information is searchable by name, e-mail address or phone number and is available to any member of the public.

Validated members can also securely register/update their cell phone number and disaster contact information so that official university communications can continue to reach them in the event that FSU IT infrastructure is unavailable for an extended period of time. This information is not publicly viewable and will only be used by FSU staff in the event of an emergency.


The FSU Emergency Message Center is available for testing - please feel free to leave test messages for family and friends. Comments entered at this time will not appear when the system is activated during/after an emergency.


*Requires FSUID login