New street names at FSU's main campus -
Effective August 6, 2007

Building List Key

Name No. Prefix Map
Alumni Center  465 AAM A-5
Alumni Visitor's Center 86 PRE A-5
Art Teaching Lab 438 ATL D-10
Basketball Training Facility 819 BTF H-11
Bellamy Building 8 BEL D-7
Biology Unit I 39 BIO C-4
Biomedical Research Facility 9 BRF C-4
Black Student Union 433 WOG F-6
Broward Hall 15 BRW F-8
Bryan Hall 14 BRY F-8
Campbell Stadium 100 CAM G-2
Carothers Hall 55 MCH C-5
Carraway Building 113 CAR C-6
Cawthon Hall 85 CAW D-8
Center for Civic Education 296 YGO E-5
Center for Intensive English Studies 87 WO1 E-5
Central Utilities Plant 30 CUP D-6
Child Care Center 270 CCC B-2
Classroom Building 4009 HCB D-6
College of Medicine Administration 4001 MSB B-2
College of Medicine Research 4002 MSR C-2
Collins Research Building 42 NRB B-4
Conradi Building 133 CON C-8
Deviney Hall 43 DEV F-7
Diffenbaugh Building 2 DIF F-9
Dirac Science Library 20 DSL C-5
Dittmer Chemistry Lab 38 DLC C-5
Dodd Hall 4 DOD F-9
Dodd Hall Auditorium 49 DHA F-9
Dorman Hall 112 DOR F-6
Duxbury Hall (Nursing) 40 SCN D-5
Engineering Lab Building 114 ELB B-5
Eppes Hall (Psychology Building) 5 PSY E-9
Fine Arts Annex 436 FAA D-9
Fine Arts Building 7 FAB C-10
Fisher Lecture Hall 37 FLH C-4
FSU Track & Training Facility (Mike Long) 91 TRK D-3
Gilchrist Hall 16 GIL F-8
Gunter Building (Fl. Geol. Soc.) 439 SGB B-6
Harpe/Johnson Building 121 MIL D-4
Haskin Circus Complex 117 CIR F-4
Hecht House (Criminology) 294 HEC D-9
Hoffman Teaching Lab 35 HTL C-4
Housewright Music Building 54 HMU D-9
Howser Baseball Stadium 115 HBS F-3
Institute for Art Education 24 MLR F-6
International Center 107 ISH E-5
Johnston Building 17 WJB E-8
Kasha Laboratory (Facility) 146 KLF C-4
Keen Building 41 KEN B-4
Kellogg Research Building 6 KRB E-9
Kellum Hall 53 KEL B-4
King Life Sciences Building 4007 KIN C-2
Kuersteiner Music Building 89 KMU E-9
Landis Hall 74 LAN F-7
Law  Library 47 LLB F-11
Leach Student Recreation Center 26 SRC E-4
Longmire Building 72 LON E-9
Love Building 116 LOV B-5
Marriage and Family Center 443 MFC F-10
McCollum Hall 75 EMH A-3
Mendenhall Maintenance A-B 77-78 MMA-MMB D-5
Modular 6 - Math Department 271 MC6 B-3
Montgomery 25 MON E-7
Murphree Hall 12 JMH E-8
New Chemistry Building 4008 CHM D-4
Oglesby Union - Activities Building 194 ACT C-6
Oglesby Union - Crenshaw Building 193 CRB C-6
Oglesby Union - Davis Building 196 DAV C-6
Oglesby Union - Moore Auditorium 195 MOR C-7
Oglesby Union - Turner Building 51 NUC C-6
Parking Garage I (Student) 70 PG1 C-5
Parking Garage II (Student) 378 PG2 E-6
Parking Garage III (Student/Staff) 4006 PG3 D-2
Parking Garage IV (Student) 4014 PG4 C-10
Pepper Center 57 PCB D-8
Post Office Building - Union 199 UPO C-6
Printing and Mailing Services 469 JRC H-7
Psychology Auditorium 4005 PDA B-2
Psychology Building 4004 PDB B-2
Ragans Hall Complex 1-4 495-498 RH1-4 F-5
Regional Rehabilitation Center 73 RRC E-8
Reynolds Hall 13 REY E-8
Richards Building 45 UPL B-4
Roberts Hall 32 LAW F-12
Rogers (Oceanography/Statistics) Building 36 OSB D-5
Rogers Hall 44 ROG A-3
Rovetta Business Building - A 23 RBA D-7
Rovetta Business Building - B 52 RBB C-7
Salley Hall 46 SAL B-3
Sandels Building 135 SAN D-8
Scenic Studio Facility 460 SSF H-6
Shaw Building 11 RSB D-8
Shores Building 19 LSB E-7
Smith Hall 102 SMH B-4
Speicher Tennis Center 79 SST D-4
Stavros Center 394 SEC F-6
Stone Building 50 STB B-2
Strozier Library 134 LIB D-7
Student Life Building 260 SLB E-5
Student Services Building 379 SSB E-6
Tanner Hall - Public Safety (FSU Police) 76 PSF F-6
Thagard Health Center 28 THC D-7
The Lab - Buildings A & B 470-471 TLA-TLB G-9
Training Center at University Place 945 L45 H-3
Tully Gym 132 TUL D-4
University Center - Bldg. A 223 UCA G-3
University Center - Bldg. B 224 UCB H-3
University Center - Bldg. C 225 UCC G-2
University Center - Bldg. D 226 UCD G-2
Visitor Services 224 UCB H-3
Westcott Building 1 WES F-9
Westcott Welcome Center 255 WVI F-10
Williams Building 3 WMS F-9
Women's Center 299 WOM E-6
Women's Soccer Complex 390 SCO E-2
Women's Softball Complex 391 SOF E-2