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Florida State University

Donna Christie photo

Donna Christie

A leading authority on legal issues surrounding ocean and coastal management law, Donna Christie also serves as director of the FSU Summer Program in Law at Oxford and directs the College of Law's international exchange programs.

John Kelsay photo

John Kelsay

Highly respected in the academic and public press, Kelsay's special research interests include comparative religious ethics, political ethics, religion, and war.

David Larbalestier photo

David Larbalestier

His contributions to the basic research of practical superconducting materials for magnets and power applications have won him the admiration of his peers as well as numerous prestigious honors.

Teng Ma photo

Teng Ma

Teng Ma and his colleagues have created a perfusion bioreactor, which can be used to reproduce mesenchymal stem cells and to direct the cells' differentiation into bone, cartilage, muscle, heart muscle, fat or nerve tissue.

Alan Marshall photo

Alan Marshall

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory—the largest and highest powered magnet laboratory in the country—can exert a powerful attraction. And it has…on some of the most notable researchers in the field, including Dr. Alan G. Marshall.

Jill Quadagno photo

Jill Quadagno

In her book, One Nation, Uninsured: Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance (Oxford, 2005), Professor Jill Quadagno describes our nation's failure to address the health care needs of its citizens.

Marcus Roberts photo

Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts' greatest achievement is the creation of an entirely new approach to jazz trio performance, which relies on equal sharing in the direction of the music, creating a style that is powerful, rhythmic, and free.

Mark Wingate photo

Mark Wingate

This scholar, composer, researcher and recording artist has taken his specialty, electroacoustic music, to classrooms, studios and juried contests across the globe.

Kathleen Yancey photo

Kathleen Blake Yancey

Yancey has led the charge to update and expand the means by which student writing is taught and assessed in a digital age that has redefined "literacy."

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar photo

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

A nurturer of creative talent, Jawole Zollar founded Urban Bush Women, a unique dance company that can combine stripped-down modern with African ritual, Caribbean, hip hop, jump rope, percussion, or a capella songs.

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